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This site provides details of the new annual workshop on Adaptive and Resilient Complex Systems (ARCS). This workshop series originally focused on Cyber Security, however it has now broadened to include the analysis and study of adaptive and resilient behaviour in all network forms: including economic, commercial, financial, defence and social systems. The workshop is designed to bring together senior industrial researchers, policy makers and leading academics in these domains.


The workshop seeks to inform and connect like-minded thinkers who seek a deeper understanding of the complex nature of networked systems. The event offers a range of top speakers who have been carefully selected for their deep knowledge and ability to communicate their ideas.

Previous workshops have been held at the Santa Fe Institute, Imperial College London, Oxford University and the Royal Society London. This year’s event is planned to be held again in the Royal Society. Date 19th June 2012.


The range of topics covered by the workshop include: cyber security, systemic risk, economics, commerce, networks and defence.

The overarching theme is: how can we engineer or manage complex systems to improve resilience, control risk and secure their operation.


The event is very informal and not a traditional academic forum. The speakers have a time slot to create a dialogue with the audience. If they are boring they won’t be invited again!

Feeback from the 2011 ARCS event:

Great job yesterday.  That was just about the most informative cyber conference I have attended.” Chris, Business Director at Northrop Grumman UK.


For all enquires regarding this event please email the chair: Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock. Whether to attend, or if interested in presenting a paper or an idea.

Registration open at:

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