Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the UK Technology Strategy Board and its ICT Knowledge Transfer Network we can continue to offer this workshop.

Technology Strategy Board UK


Santa Fe Institute

Previous Workshops

ARCS2011    ARCS(4thOct), ARCS Presnetation 05-10-2011, arcs_oct11sasse,

ARCS2011Mowbray, Consistency in Data Breach Reporting

ARCS 2010 Arcs2010Slides

ARCS 2007 Arcs2007slides

ARCS 2006 Arcs2006slides

ARCS 2005 Arcs2005slide5

Previous Keynotes

Patricia Titus, VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Symantec Corporation

Mike. StJohn-Green, Deputy Director Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance, Cabinet Office

John Madelin, Director Professional Services, Verizon Business

Miranda Mowbray, Senior Technical Contributor, HP Labs

Dr Sarah Gordon

Keith A. Rhodes

Prof. Alessandro Vespignani

Prof. David Patterson:


A selection of papers from the first 2 workshops was published in the journal Complexity.

Volume 9 Issue 2 – November/December 2003 (3 – 83) Special Issue: Resilient and Adaptive Defense of Computing Networks

All material copyright. Robert Ghanea-Hercock.


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